1. Gultskra Artikler "Bojestvo" 2. Keith Fullerton Whitman "Generator 7b" 3. Stellar Om Source "Alpine Architecture" 4. Demdike Stare "Violetta" 5. Nate Young "Stygian Faces" 6. The Caretaker "When The Dog Days Were Drawing To An End" 7. Brainticket "Era Of Technology" 8. Spencer Clark "Sky-Brid Showers" 9. Andy Stott "Submission" 10. Robert Turman "Flux 5" 11. Popol Vuh "O Paradiso" 12. Suzanne Ciani "Second Breath" 13. Manuel Gottsching "Bois De Soleil"

Isabel Salvado works mainly on video and illustration. For the theme Chemicals she used distinct kinds of film of archival footage from the early-mid twentieth century so to distill various critical readings (most quite ordinary and stale) while reflecting incidentally the evolution of film. The insistence on music originated in musical laboratories account for the most technological of the recursive analogies introduced by the soundtrack.

There is a mix on the video's audio track, to listen to the video mix click here.

Video music credits:

Towards Tomorrow - Delia Derbyshire
Filament Timeframe - Rupert Lally
Baltimore Gas & Electric Co. - Raymond Scott
Excerpts of Incidental Music for Invasion - Daphne Oram
Pithoprakta - Iannis Xenakis
The Chem Lab Mystery - Maddalena Fagandini
There's A Better World A-Comin' - Woody Guthrie
The Pattern Emerges - Delia Derbyshire
Delay - Terry Riley
Sequence C' - Tangerine Dream 

When approaching the chemicals a sense of prudence was instilled on the author by corrosive recent learnings and so she decided to bring a video to unmute not so much a visually pleasing experience but a video that raises questions, why the absence of the periodic table or the atomic bomb, other more diffusive questions until you get to present-day geoengeneering, maybe these images will bring you comfort just because they're old, or just disregard this for the video is wasteful by itself.

André Santos brings his own sonic explorations to Chemicals with a great range of sounds, mixed as if put together in a laboratory. André works at a record store in Lisbon called Flur. He is part of Filho Único, a promoter and booking agency based in Lisbon. He is also a FIlm and Television writer for Time Out Lisbon.