Unmute's first sensory theme. Imposing structures of madness and contemplation. Centre for thought and blindness, where the divine and devastated come to celebrate and grieve. Inspired by granite, basalt, geological faults or landline, cliffs are full of memories and lives. It is bedding for the lost and peaceful ones; and its sleeping cover is hidden under the transcendence of water and waves. It has always been tempting. The sonic grandness of the coloured multi-layered nature objects finds its life and meaning through subtle movements in pitch and tones. There’s certainly something minor and augmented about the structure of cliffs. The temporality of each rock represents a different story, different life and maybe even a tragedy. The latter attributes inspire one to contemplate; therefore the sonicality of the podcast is rather slow-paced, thoughtful and melodic in minor keys. Cliffs speak a strange language.

The visual representation expresses the perceptual movement of the imposing objects - cliffs. Even though they appear motionless and still, they also seem to shift in an imperceptible (to human vision) manner. Their aliveness exists within a much grander dimension: decades, generations, centuries and eons. Each coloured patch reveals the complexity of human life and evolution. Visually, each cliff colour pattern that is visible to us, the spectators, imposes various sudden emotions and thoughts – the picture becomes moving as it tells stories from the past. Even though we experience it in the present (surrounded by wind, water and smells) we consider the past. Cliffs keep stories.

Arranged by the unmute.eu in-house team.