Interference - a start for disruption. Ideas and waves collide and create an interference of thought and action. With this theme, unmute is bringing two waves from separate directions into one superimposed platform.

The visual interpretation is presented by Chris King, a moving image practitioner. For Chris, interference lies in communication technologies; new and old can provide artists and musicians with an infinite amount of source material, which they can organise or shape into interesting stuff. Leonardo da Vinci said this, and it is especially relevant for artists staring into the digital ashes and glitch.

"This is the case if you cast your glance on any walls dirty with such stains or walls made up of rock formations of different types.  If you have to invent some scenes, you will be able to discover them there in diverse forms,  in diverse landscapes, adorned with mountains, rivers, rocks, trees, extensive plains, valleys, and hills."

Chris’s artistic work concentrates on exploring moving images, created without the aid of desktop computers for image generation, utilising many different techniques informed by the video art of the 1970/80s and broadcast technologies related to that time as well as current video and electronic art.



DEAD [PRODUCED BY FLY-DOO]≠DEMI BASED FREESTYLE - Jam City≠Scene Girl - G.R. Zømbi€≠F-T-F - K1llRGVP≠Bitches - BRUXA≠EYE ON EVERYBODY - W0LCNUM≠Parasitez - (((о)))≠shining you - ▽nkown ShΔpes≠Used To Give A FK - Kingdom≠Let You No - RSM feat. Nocone≠ †∆∆† - ritualz≠BODIE - GL▲SS †33†H≠O V E R S E E R - MADDEN☾☾☾-#BLOODONMY#❄❄❄❄ (☾X☾X☾older than a witch's pumpum mix)- ☽☽☽

The audio mixtape comes from an immersive sound explorer Paul Nevermind.