the quality of being mobile.

Theme 10.

Audiovisual artist J. Robinson from Charlottesville, VA, has explored the theme of Mobility through analysing the sense of subjective nostalgia, its flexibility and its relation to the presence. Intricate insight has been undertaken using Moving Image as the main tool. J. Robinson explains:

"03.17.12 1:07 AM
After a late night with friends my walk home was interrupted by a passing freight train.

04.16.12 6:58 PM
I watched the sun set slowly behind a line of trees from my seat on the passenger train.

Documented with my iPhone one month apart these two incidents are no longer separate or clear memories. They bleed together and form a meditative tribute to the rails that criss-cross my town, occasionally taking me places but more often than not keeping me from getting to where I want to be.

Captured and processed digitally but created with a reverence for handmade direct cinema and optical printing.

Inspired by Brion Gysin and DJ Screw."

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The audio part was compiled by a London based DJ Sheikh Ahmed. Sheikh's focus tends to explore the extremes of sounds that come to life through organic and digital means. Sheikh has commented on the Mobility mix tape pointing out: "Abstract, electronic music has always been good at getting concepts across in a very direct manner. From field recordings of South American railway journeys to percussive workouts that represent the human body. I've taken the idea of "Mobility' and used it to describe both motion and portability. They veer between the cyclical and constant and Ive tried to find the space in between. Follow Sheikh's music blogging and pictures of his cat Louis on

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