01. Hammock – I can Almost See You 02. Sumner McKane – When We Get To California 03. Jonsi & Alex – Happiness 04. Lymbyc Systym – Birds 05. Benoit Pioulard - Triggering Back 06. Horse Feathers – Curs In The Weeds 07. Ben Woods – Together Standing 08. Clint Mansell – First Snow 09. Sigur Rós – Svefn-g-englar 10. Mark Isham - Crash
Unmute are thrilled to be back with the 4th theme: 'Seasons'. The podcast is presented by musician Ben Woods with photography from Saulius Patumsis, a London based photographer. The virtual world of the audiovisual components gets envisioned through the lens and two different poles of perception: two sets of eyes, two sets of ears and two minds.. The seasons condition gets experienced in its surroundings, one's body and brain. Everone's seasons differ. The pictures reveal the hidden tones of the theme.

This mix tape serves Ben Wood's soundtrack of the coming seasons: "swirling gust of wind-like ambience warm guitar tones will set the scene for a fresh start and growth when I’m presented with a clean slate and new opportunities. ‘Happiness’ by Jonsi & Alex will mark the clearing of the sky as blue will rain down and the air is crisp both night and day in the summer time and ‘Birds’ by Lymbyc Systym will serve as the perfect backdrop to long summer nights with clear skies, where the twinkling synthesizers and glitch like rhythmic sections compliment peoples movement around me as they prepare for the warm weather. Benoit Pioulard will bring us to the end of summer as his voice harmonies carry memories and moments that will warm me in the coming change of seasons. Horse feathers – ‘Curs In The Weeds’ can be imagined being heard on the very first leaf falling from a tree in the autumn season. Those wooden stringed instruments represent the bark and the branches from the trees as they are stripped down of all they’re colour and form. ‘Together Standing’ marks the introspective walk home as the air gathers it’s chill and rain dampens all the crunchy leaves on the ground. Clint Mansell – ‘First Snow’ can be heard as the first flake of snow falls in a chilly but soft winter air. Sigur Rós will comfort those who listen in the cold and wet seasons, where city lights are crisp against the clear night sky and Mark Isham will make us dream of spring all over again with subtle build of ambience which is carried by the anticipation of the electronic rhythmic bass of ‘Crash’."
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