Unmute are thrilled to present the latest theme - Shapes.

After a little break, we're back on track with the next audio and video collage.

The audio element was compiled by Villages in Trees, also responsible for Unmute's third theme 'Spaces'. This latest mix brings together
a variation of sonic tones, building a diverse collage of sound-shapes that harmoniously melt from corner to curve. With a selection of rarities
from Vanity Records, we shift from German television soundtracks to Japanese Psychedelia and the latest electronic sounds from Iceland.

The mix is a journey through some astonishing tunes, many of which you'll struggle to find anywhere else.

Accompanying the audio is a concrete visual composition directed by experimental video art maker Jean-Michel Rolland. In his artistic practise, he very much concentrates on exploring the platforms of sound and image in unison, thus, with this commission, has been presented with an interesting challenge. The artist has produced a visual loop that is separate from any musical tones - a naked visual object. Jean-Michel's piece 'Twin Fruits' in itself represents objects as metaphors that can be identified as having larger meanings:

"Twin fruits is a sensual video about life and death. Using fruit shapes, it talks about birth, growth, reproduction, ageing and death."

To find out more about Jean-Michel's work, visit his space here.

Click here for full playlist.