Unmute Special has launched - a theme to commemorate the dead. Meticulously arranged soundtrack and a thoughtfully composed video analyse the moments of dread, nostalgia and loss. The visual piece explores the continuous sense of hope that subconsciously exists in majority's thoughts. Simultaneously, it explores the frozen time, the inner stillness that becomes apparent with the attempts to create a physical, almost tactile connection with the deceased. The aural part of the theme represents that response directly. The deceased ones come back through the illusive melodies, voices, noises and sounds that either speak to the one waiting or affect their distressed minds with the sonorous force. Whilst the visual piece suggests the inevitability of the desolation between the ones walking the earth and the deceased and that the bridge cannot be crossed, however, the sonic elements of the soundtrack paradoxically indicate the possibility of us becoming connected to the world of the dead.

The celebration of the dead has become a significant commodity for the Western societies, revealing our relationship with the concept of death. When mimicking the idea of bringing the dead from their graves through various celebratory activities, we deliberately refuse analyse the severe depth behind this concept. The theme asks us to stop and think about our current existence, presence and the essence of us as alive beings.

Let's do not, however, stop hoping and wishing to connect with the ones who have left us behind, let's have them near, thinking with us, constantly.

The Audio and Visual components have been prepared by the Unmute team. Get in touch if you would like to submit a theme, visual or an audio piece.

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